Mold Inspection

Inspection Includes:
$ 500
  • 1 indoor air sample in the area of concern
  • 2 outdoor samples so we can indicate the amount of mold in the outdoor air
  • A thorough water intrusion inspection is also performed during mold inspection
  • 2 day shipping to lab for results (faster shipping available)
  • Additional air samples and or swab tests are an additional $50
  • If an indoor sample indicates significantly greater mold count than the mold outdoors or if the type(s) of mold found indoors are significantly different than the mold outdoors, you may have a mold problem.

Areas Inspected

  1. Roof
  2. Attic
  3. Flashing
  4. Windows
  5. Siding
  6. Foundation
  7. Under Sinks

Air Samples

gather data about mold spores present in the air. Samples are taken by using a pump that forces air through a collection device which catches mold spores. The sample is then sent to a laboratory to be analyzed.


sample suspect areas for mold contamination.

Surface testing takes samples from household surfaces to find the amount of mold growth and spores deposited around the home. Samples are collected by swabbing. The sample is then examined in a laboratory.