Radon Mitigation

What is RADON?

Radon is a potential cancer - causing gas in every home. do you know what your radon levels are?

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Succesful Radon Mitigation

The goal of radon mitigation is to reduce the amount of this harmful gas in your home below the EPA action level of 4 pCi/L (picocuries of radon per liter of air). A successful radon mitigation system could lower year-round levels to 2 pCi/L or lower. 

Once a diagnostic test is conducted. We will choose the radon mitigation system that works best for your homes foundation type.   

Radon mitigation systems typically consist of a fan that runs continuously to pull air from the soil through piping to exhaust outdoors. Cracks in the foundation will also be sealed in order to keep radon from entering the home. 

Type of Mitigation systems

  • Sub-slab suction – This system vents the radon outside by pulling it underneath the foundation of the home.  
  • Drain tile suction – This system connects to the existing drain tile to vent soil gases outside. We then ensure that the sump baskets are covered. 
  • Sub-membrane – This system is specifically for crawl spaces. Plastic is used to cover any exposed dirt. The plastic sheeting is pulled up onto the walls and sealed. A radon pipe is then used to vent the gas from the crawlspace to the exterior of the home. 


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