Included in every quote

This will eliminate unnecessary condensation that will end up becoming a mold issue. 

PFE or pressure field extension testing, ensures that every inch of the property’s footprint is going to have proper radon reduction. This also allows for a minimum sized fan to be installed to save you electrical usage. Another benefit is we can guarantee where the piping will run before any large holes are drilled.

These are used on every garage that we run an exhaust pipe through.

The fire collars will slow a fire from spreading from the garage in case of a fire inside your garage.

These we use on every sealed sump pit

This helps with a system freezing up in below freezing conditions as well as helps hide the pipe from the road side or from your property.

radon proof floor drain conversions on all old floor drains.

Suction pits are always at least 15 gallons in size. They greatly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of our systems.


Caulking may be required on any concrete cracks. 

Sealing of any radon access point big or small

Clean installations that are not an eyesore

We always test for back drafts on hot water heaters before and after installation to ensure your family is safe from carbon monoxide poisoning being caused by our mitigation system install.

discrete installation whenever possible

This increases efficiency as well as protects the membrane from punctures.

6 mil cross laminated membranes or thicker are always used on our crawl space installs