Why Hire Skyway for radon mitigation

Skyways warranty is the best around!

We are so confident with our systems we will guarantee an average radon level below 2.0pCi/L for 5 years!

When hiring Skyway you always will have Brad, one of the owners of Skyway installing your radon mitigation system! When you hire someone to drill holes in your home you want to be insured that you hired a knowledgeable installer. Brad has 22 years experience in residential construction as well as being a certified home inspector and Radon mitigator! You can rest assured that your home is in good hands!

Skyway will always put the system in the most ideal location to limit noises as well as making exterior systems minimally noticeable.

We also do the necessary PFE (pressure field extension) testing for all non-drain tile systems, to insure the best possible radon reduction, and energy efficiency.

Quality materials ensure a well functioning system and a comfortable home.

  1. Skyway only uses the highest quality materials for every mitigation system.
  2. Skyway always includes items like fire collars, pipe insulation or exterior fan covers for every install when applicable

Your house will be cleaner than it was before we came on site. We strongly believe to leave a job site nicer than how we found it with every mitigation we install.

Why Hire Skyway?

Both Skyway owners are on every inspection for 3-4 hours to give our clients the most thorough inspection possible. We want the best inspection for every client!  Most of the competition will send one person to inspect properties for two hours.

Brad’s inspection role is to inspect exterior areas of the home and electrical work. He either walks the roof or inspects the roof with a drone to identify any issues. Brad will inspects siding, flashing and all other exterior areas. He also inspects interior electrical panel, HVAC systems, plumbing, the foundation and will even use an infrared camera to identify missing insulation or water intrusion and he also goes into the attic or any crawl spaces.  Brad has over 20 years in construction background which helps him identify problems that an untrained eye would miss.

Mary’s inspection role is to inspect interior areas of the home. She will test all the windows, doors, lights, and outlets. Mary will run water in all sinks, tubs, showers, washers, dishwashers. She Looks for trim, wall and ceiling damage. Mary notes even the small tedious items to try and point out the issues inside of properties.